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Dean Winchester Slash
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Dean Winchester slash community
This community is for Dean Winchester slash. Dean Winchester is a character from the tv series ‘Supernatural’ and slash in this case means homosexual love between him and another man (if you’ve written something where he’s a she, then it would mean homosexual love between her and another woman). All fanfiction, fanvideos, fanart and fic recs are welcome as long as they stick to this theme.

The community is 'partly moderated', so that posts with external links require my approval.

Please tag your posts! Just click 'Select Tags' by the tag box when you're posting and tick the appropriate boxes. A list of the community tags and explanations of them can be found here. You can also comment on that post if you require a new tag.

When posting fanfic, fanvids, art or fic recs please put it behind an lj-cut and make sure you provide spoiler warnings, rating and pairing. Everything else is optional, though please don’t make the headers and notes bigger than the posting box! If you’re posting icons or art then a few teasers before the cut (or link) are fine. You can post to the community or link back to your own journal, it’s fine either way. Also bear in mind that more people will read if you provide a summary.

People vary in levels of sensitivity when it comes to pairings and kink. Please warn clearly for the content of your story and please be tolerant of other people’s preferences. If you don’t like the sound of a fic or pairing, just ignore it. I want us all to get along here.

So far the FAQ is extremely short, so feel free to PM me with any questions you might have or comment at that entry.

I might provide challenges and such if people are interested.

Any problems or suggestions, just send me a message! I'm sarkywoman :)


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